Roman Blinds

Roman shades are typically a fabric shade that can be raised and lowered with a pull cord.  They are made in different ways, creating numerous different styles.  A flat Roman shade offers a more contemporary look, while a teardrop or looped style takes a more traditional approach to the window treatment.

Roman shades can be made out of any fabric – even sheers – there is definitely one for every style and every home.

Roman shades offer a large amount of privacy and light blockage. The full fabric panels filter sunlight as it enters the room and prevent outside passersby from seeing into the home. For even more light blockage, most special order Roman blind manufacturers offer a blackout shade, constructed with a special lining that blocks out all light from rooms that need a complete room-darkening feature. The room darkening option also keeps shadows from being cast to the exterior at night when lights are on in the room.